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The Millinery Starter Kit is ideal for the individual who wants to explore the technical aspects of making a hat from "scratch" by creating a buckram frame. Everything you need to make the hat is included in the kit except for the following items:

1. Millinery glue
2. 18" ruler
3. Scissors for fabric, paper and handwork
4. Fashion fabric and lining for the hat

Complete instructions are included in the kit that guide you through the process of making a pillbox hat. The process starts with the pattern and continues through cutting the buckram for the hat frame, applying the millinery wire and batting, cutting and sewing the fabric to the buckram frame and finally, cutting and applying the lining to the inside of the hat. The millinery techniques you learn with this project provide a solid foundation for future millinery projects. 

MSK001 Millinery Starter Kit $25.00
1/4 yard buckram, multi-size pillbox hat pattern, 1 yards - #19 millinery wire, 2 - #19 wire joiners, millinery needle, bias tape, 1 spool white thread and 1/4 yard batting. Specify pattern number HP999 on your order.
Order your kit and get started now on an excited journey into the world of millinery!
BMSK04 Basic Millinery Supply Kit $10.00
Millinery glue(4 oz. bottle), millinery needles (assorted sizes), millinery thread - 1 white, 1 black.
MDSK08 Deluxe Millinery Kit $25.00
Millinery glue(4 oz. bottle), millinery needles (assorted sizes), #19 joiner(6), 1 yard stiff buckram, 1 yard batting, 2 yards #19 millinery wire, 1 pkg. bias binding, millinery thread(white).
Watch this page for new millinery kits that will be available soon for the following vintage patterns
HP907 Lasting Impressions (boater)
HP903 Heart of Hearts (small Victorian hat)
HP904 Moonlight Serenade (large Victorian hat)
HP952 Gilded Lily


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